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Happy Valentine's Day

If a million people love you, I will be among them...

If only a thousand people love you, I'll be one amongst a thousand...

If one hundred people love you, I will be one who cries for you...

If only two people love you, I'll be the one by your side...

But if no one on earth is left to love you..

You will know that I have died...

Valentine's Bar

***Valentine's Graphics Links***

"Linkable" Romantic Music for Valentines :)

Solid Gold Midi

Valentine Signatures For Your E-mail!

Aurora's Links

Great Valentine Graphics!

Sunshine Rose's Collection

Valentine's Bar

All these graphics are to the best of my knowledge in the public domain... If you find some that are not, please email me via my Home Page Guest Book and let me know which ones are not.. I will remove them or give credit for them ASAP...

Thank you :)


Valentine's Bar

***** Graphics *****

Little Angel Holding Heart

Animated Valentines Bear

Animated Heart

Animated Red Hearts

Animated Valentine Line

Country Bears With Animated Pink Hearts

Be Mine 1

Be Mine 2

Be Mine 3

Blue Bird On Pink Heart

Silhouetted Couple With Animated Red Hearts

Couple In Heart

Couple Kissing


Cupid Background

Cupid With Arrow

Cupid With Flower

Flying Cupid

Cupid With I Love You Heart

Cupid - Right

Cupid Shoots

Cupid Turns

E-Mail Heart

Friend Card And Quote

Frog Love

Glowing Heart

Gold Heart Bar

Happy Valentine's Banner

Animated Red Heart And Arrow

Animated Red Heart Greeting

Smiling Heart 1

Animated Red Heart Comet

Heart Bar

Animated Hearts Circling Globe

Red Hearts Kissing

Animated Hearts 2

Satin Red Hearts Circling Love

Happy Valentine's Day - Red And White

Red I Love You Blocks

Gold Key And Red Heart

Kiss Background

Kissing Pink Lips

Large Heart

Burning Orange Heart With 'You Light My Fire'

Love Background

Neon Love

Neon Couple Kissing

Love Rose

Animated Large Heart

Valentine's Bunny With Lucky Love Quote

Mailbox Hearts

Merry Go Round

Bear Hugging Pink Love Heart

Moving Hearts

Nuts About You Squirrel

Piglet Carrying Red Heart

Pink And Purple Heart

Pink Heart Background

Red Heart Background

Red Heart Line

Smiling Heart 2

Tug Of Love

Two Hearts

Happy Valentine's Greeting

Animated Hearts With Stars

Valentine's Bar


Background and Floral Image Courtesy Of

Stationery Heaven

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