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God is the divine I Am, (see Exodus 3:14)

the all-powerful Supreme Being,

saving and protecting all Creation.

Good is more powerful than evil.

Love is more powerful than hate.

Even those who aren't obeying God's

laws are governed and protected by

the divine I AM.

No one can be left out of God's kingdom.

Nor do we have to wait until we die to

be part of it.

No matter what one has done, or has not done,

the law of God is present right now to touch

the heart from within and transform it.

Prayer travels at the speed of thought

because it has an expansive scope that is

both small and planet-wide.

It has a healing impact right

where we are, this very moment.

And because God is already and always there

He doesn't have to travel.

God is the source of our protection,

all renewal, all deliverance.

God is ever present

right where you are now.

Knowing this, your thought

is in humble prayer

to our loving Father,

who never fails to answer you.

Blessings To All ++ Poski aka Daisy

Midi ++ "Happiness"