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Dear Mark


Happiness and peace of mind, how precious they are.

Life is difficult, without inner happiness and peace.

And true happiness is found only within one's self,

People look outside of themselves for happiness,

and depend on another one, for their happiness,

This is what we all believe.

It would be nice, if this was true ... but it isn't.

True happiness, is only made up of what you have inside yourself.

No one can give it to you.

And if they do .. like falling in love,

this false sense of happiness may last for a short time

or sometimes, for a long time.

It's not the real happiness that comes directly from God,

because it may be here today and gone tomorrow.

It's not permanent.

One of the worse evils that can destroy you

is a false sense of happiness,

and it's name is Regret!

Regret seems to get it's power from,

"Oh if I only would of known"

"Why didn't I do something then?

"How do I live with this now?"

"If only I could go back in time."

"How could I have been so selfish?"

"Why didn't I give just a minute of my time."

The list of "regrets" could fill a book.

It never stops.

It begins eating you,

till you have nothing left in your heart

and nothing to be happy for.

What a blessing for those who have no regrets!

Unhappiness cannot touch them.

Thier inner happiness belongs to them

and they have lived

as the Bible teaches ....

"You shall reap, what you sow."

This is Divine Happiness.

When other's are crying, thinking of the past

with so many regrets,

the one with no regrets

he can be at peace with himself.

Peace of thought comes from God.

The one who reach's this high mountain

of peace and true happiness

have one of the greatest gifts of all.

They have travelled towards this high mountain top,

with kindness,


love, and thoughtfulness,

determination and no complaints,

and giving of themselves.

Even though the climb

was sometimes difficult

and demanding, they always had that moment to give.

Blessed are the ones

who can make it to the top of

God's mountain and rejoice!

There they can rest with thier

inner happiness and peace,

free from regret!

They can feel how much God loves them,

and adores them!

For my son Mark, with a very deep love for all he does.

Love you now and forever, your Mom. .... Dec.2nd 2009

Copywrite ... Poem and Page by Poski